One solution to meet your hospital or medical groups communication,
collaboration & scheduling needs

Improve quality of care for patients and quality of life for providers

Revolutionizing the healthcare work place

Connect with the right provider everytime

Never worry about how long it will take to find the right provider. Never worry about calling a provider when they are off schedule. Providers know they will not be called when they are off and the staff can be rest assured they will find the correct on shift or on call provider.

Reliable Service

OnCallPeople provides a standardized and consistent way of reaching providers and removes existing error prone methods by connecting the entire group management system together via our automated telephone exchange and smart scheduler.

Reduce communication errors

Improve patient care, enter high reliability status, increase your speed to respond to patient needs and improve your overall patient outcomes. All this is possible when communication is smooth, fast and accurate.

Work the way you want

Our solution is the only one on the market that gives you the tools to work the way you want. If you want to get all the benifits of OnCallPeople, contact the right provider every time and never log into the OnCallPeople app that is fine because we have developed a unique solution that work for everyone.

All in one system

Smart scheduler

Designed to simplify the creation of the most complex work schedules in an easy to view, easy to edit and instantly updated format in real time.

Group Management

Providers can easily view and interact with their schedules, swap shifts, manage vacation time, keep track of shifts and take control of their schedules in a systematic and manageable solution.

Smartphone App

Our phone app is all encompassing with a provider view and a team member view to make sure roles are properly assigned to each member of the care team.

Open Shift Marketplace

Our ground breaking technology that allows group managers to immediately identify any open shifts, easily post them to a market place which providers can pick from all within a managed workflow.

Automated Telephone Exchange

Automated Telephone Exchange that can replace your current operator-based exchange using intelligent technology to take the guess work out of connecting to the right provider every time.

Secure Communication

Our solution allows traditional methods of picking up any phone and finding the right provider everytime, or texting each other in a secure manner to communicate in real time.

What we do

Automated smart scheduling software

Countless hours are spent creating and editing work schedules. Oncallpeople offers a truly user-friendly solution to simplity and automate even the most complex of schedules.

Intelligent telephone exchange services

Historically, costly live operator exchange systems have been the mainstay of reaching on call providers. with Oncallpeople, that method is history! We created a reliable automated telephone exchange that instantly connects the intended provider, saving time and money, as well as improving patient care.

Open Shift Marketplace

OnCallPeople has coined the phrase, ‘Open Shift Marketplace’, with our ground breaking technology that allows group managers to immediately identify any open shifts, post them to a market place and allow providers to request those open shifts. Gone are the days of trying to call every provider in your group to see who is available. The providers will come to you via a managed workflow of notifications and approvals.

Hospital group management workflow

Our solution provides visibility to providers from aspects of their schedule including workflow, vacation time, shift management, on call management and much more. We built in strong analytics capabilities to allow for a view into workloads, reporting features and more.

Phone app

OnCallPeople is the first solution of its kind to combine several of the most important health care elements into one. It has an integrated telephone exchange, auto-scheduler and patient sign-out system. All this and more under one HIPAA compliant setting that you can even access from your smart phone.

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